Gift of The Rain I


October 6, 1999
As I rolled the windows down
the wind gusts lifted my hair completely
and it surrounded my face.

I smiled, desperately wiping it away so I could see to drive.
I turned the radio up
and sang at the top of my lungs
….as my girlfriend would later do when at the gig…

The wind, which had not been there when I got in the car
just five minutes before
gusted fiercely
it shoved my truck this way and that.

I got high off that wind
the night air seemed to sizzle;
plaid school-girl skirt
socks up to my knees
blonde hair glossy
lips shiny red
all I could do was smile.

As I arrived at the dockside restaurant
and continued to the patio where her band was playing
….and then came my favorite song.

I had to get up and dance but
being the only one
I knew I was a spectacle,
I didn’t care.

The side door opened from the dock
and in walked three men.
I only saw one
he was over six feet tall
soaking wet, all in black
long dark curls reached his waist
his face was like that of a painting.

Still high off the wind,
as nothing could deter me,
I fancied over and grabbed his wet sweatshirt
and dragged him to the dance floor.

It was his birthday
and I was his gift.
We have never been apart since.
Sorms are for healing
the lonely hearts
the rain is to remind you
who is in charge
the wind carries lovers to their rightful places
and the stars shine down later
to say that all is well.

Myhusband never gets off the boat
he rides and rides
and doesn’t stop at all
until that night
when the wind and the rain forced him to
stopped him for his birthday
to give him his gift.