Angel of God

You DO have the hardest position
to have to sit
and watch and listen.
Squint your eyes to bare it
though it’s of no consequence
just looking and seeing
is enough to undo.
Your conscience, unlike mine
knows no boundaries
constraint or time
Your only job
is to watch out for me
going ahead
seeing what I can’t see.
Sometimes you bust in
through my mind-door
and shake me and scream, “Remember BEFORE!?!?!?”
But I can’t hear you
though goose bumps all over
I just react naturally
only this time changed over.
Thanks for the whispers
that save my life
thanks for this kiss
that one dreamy night
My favorite times
in knowing of you
was when I leant you to my children
to see them through
extra forces
while walking the street
is never enough
if you ask me.
I called you back
for fear of being alone
but have a feeling
you would leave me for no one.
Since no man has told me this
yet I know you are true
then communication has unfolded
because I listen to you
I long to know your name
and meet you later
I’m sure it will be like seeing a twin
and not a stranger
because you know ALL of me
that, which is hidden from other eyes that see
there is nothing I could hide
even under the sheets
wet or dry.
Your Lord-
who stops the wind for me
the keeper of the bees
and spiders that be
Your Lord-
who has given you the power
to guide and keep safe
his most precious flower
I thank him
and you as well
if it weren’t for you both
I’d be going to hell
Do I have one or two
is there another you
no gender just graces
curly hair and angel faces
I’m so excited you’re here
and that you are ALWAYS near
since you were sent from above
I’m going to call you Dove.
Can you smell smoke?
Can you hear the music?
I am interested in knowing
If I offend
I was given to you
and with that comes the truth
That you are me
and I am you.


Heaven Part I


How you got here seems somehow unimportant
as you gaze through the mist at the gigantic Kingdom.
Your feet are transparent and every part of your body is weightless, including your hair.
Multitudes singing can be heard
but are muffled as the sounds from inside are drowned out by the clouds at your feet.
From left to right, for miles, all you can see is enormous gates
made of gold and adorned by every jewel.
The jewels capture the rays of the Son
and emanate themselves upon you.
Naturally, as if still human, you squint your eyes at the rays
but open your mouth and drink them in.
It is eerily silent except for the far off chorus’ melodies.
The wind does not blow,
and there are no birds in the air that you can see.

All of a sudden, the gate before you starts to open from both sides.
A large being made of color with gleaming white wings pushes them open with effort,
and when it raises it’s head, the light from the being’s eyes draws you to it.
The light is warm, engulfing your soul and flooding it with love.
Out of the gates comes thunderous singing, laughter, and praise,
and cherubim and seraphim float about in the sky, their loin cloths hovering around them.
Some of them are throwing down flowers for you, others have their arms outstretched.
In the distance of the Kingdom’s sky
but more near than the iridescent dome that surrounds it,
Human-like spirits come rushing towards you, and choirs of angels gather on each side below.
Adorned saints are to your left, lined up with their various articles of faith, a cross, a book, a trumpet, a spear, swords, music notes, lambs, staffs and the like, and to the right multitudes of children laugh and play and sing, calling your name over and over.
Twelve trumpets blast. Six on your right, six on your left, and as the flying souls reach you in their haste, you recognize them as people who made you, and you are thankful.
Stepping into the Kingdom, flowers grow up around your feet, and your body is replaced by colors that intermingle to make the same shape as you have been.
Heaven bustles all around you, and beautiful flowing trees line streets paved with gold and jewels. The entire Kingdom before you is made of various kinds of light, and even the more solid objects emanate the rays and are semi-transparent.
All of a sudden, the singing escalades, and shouts and trumpet blasts are heard in unison, the children stop running, and the seraphim and cherubim turn to the light coming from a sphere in the middle of the city. “Jesus is coming!” they exclaim.
And down from the spear on top of the mountain walks Jesus, calm, peaceful, radiating in a blast of light so bright it makes the sun look like the moon. From his eyes glow every color, and a rainbow washes over you, as instantly he is before you.
You fall to the golden floor, and weep, but he picks you up and says, “There are no more tears.” And he welcomes you by entering your spirit, and giving you the answer to every question you have ever pondered.
You are shown a new home, a place that has been prepared for you, with all of your favorite fancies that you have ever dreamt of. This place is in the midst of the company you already know. A special task, designed only for you to accomplish is written on your forehead, you are renamed according to whom you have been, and you are given a white robe to wear.
Just when you feel so overwhelmed that you feel as though you might burst,
and before Jesus lets you loose in paradise,
He says, “Now come, meet my father, who created all that you see, and you yourself.
You will be able to give thanks at the throne.”

And when you get there, say to The Almighty Father, while you gesture to the Lord Jesus,
“For the sake of HIS sorrowful passion, have mercy on me, and on the whole world.”
Remember me when you get there, and pray for me as I am in danger of being damned, and of loosing God forever.
Many thanks!
May God have mercy on us all.