johnny_graduation_friends2013On the day of my son’s fifth grade graduation celebration, the giant sky was filled with huge billowy threatening dark rain clouds.
The wind blew in at least 10 miles an hour, the gusts at fifteen. I attended the program at school, and gave as many hugs and words of encouragement to the neighborhood children who were wondering if we were still going to have a pool party.
I had spent a fortune on hamburgers, hot dogs and the like, and my husband and I had spent two diligent weeks raking the bottom of the pool and blasting it with chemicals. It was 99% bright blue, and astonishing to look at. What a mess it had been. Together, our efforts combined brought that beautiful clear sparkling pool to life.
But these deep dark clouds were looming over head, and it was only 60 degrees or so; the celebration looked grim as I shuffled quickly to the car.
Off in the distance, I saw a small patch of bright blue where somehow the luminous clouds had avoided, and I whispered to God, “Please Lord, these are your children, they have worked so hard in school this year, they deserve a great celebration.”
Once home, I still hurried along with the preparations, laying out all of the snack foods, folding towels and setting out chairs.
Eliza, my little sweet one showed up first, as usual, and my husband growled at the fact that she wanted to jump right in. Even my own children still had not put their suits on yet, for we were all holding our breath and squinting at the threatening sky. The entire area was covered with the thickest black clouds you can imagine, and guests started to slowly show up. Soon, I was surrounded by anxious children, who wanted to play in the drizzling rain anyway. I sat down on one of the lawn chairs sighing, and looked up at the sky. There again was that forsaken little patch of bright blue, who knows how it could have been.
So I reached my arms up to Heaven, and in front of everyone said in the loudest voice I could muster, “Lord Jesus! I have great faith in you Lord! I have great faith that this sky will completely clear of all of this stormy weather, and it will turn to THAT color blue,” I said, pointing at the curious patch. All of the children laughed, some of them sneared, and they turned to my husband with anxious looks for a better answer to the problem at hand.
Well, He said, “Go ahead and get in, but if it starts to rain or we hear thunder, you have to get out immediately.”
And so fifteen of them jumped in mostly at the same time, except my little Jazmin, who is afraid of the water.
I laid back on the cold lounge chair, and shivered at the sky.
A half of an hour went by, and the clouds still loomed, even darker, and more threatening, so I cried out again ,”Jesus! I have great faith in you Lord! I KNOW you will clear this sky!!”
The children ignored me this time, their little bodies shivering trying to have fun in the cold and wet.
My dearest friend in the whole world showed up, with her three children, and just as she did, the air got lighter, the sky got a little brighter, and the wind kicked up and started to blow the clouds Eastward.
A half an hour later, the sun was shining down on all of us, there was only a trace of clouds left above us, and it was really starting to warm up. I started pointing to the sky saying, God is so good!” Angie, my best friend, agreed.
Not even fifteen minutes after that, warmth spread over the entire back yard, the sky cleared absolutely completely, the bright bright blue stood out to our amazement, and the wind died down.
All of the mothers who had come fully dressed were now starting to sweat, but not me. I had been wearing a sundress the whole time.
“The amount of faith of a mustard seed can move a mountain.” That’s what he said in His Good Book. This time, faith beckoned the wind, the rain, the massive thunderous clouds, and my heart as well, for I will never forget that gift he gave me in return for my hope in His glory.