Angel of God

You DO have the hardest position
to have to sit
and watch and listen.
Squint your eyes to bare it
though it’s of no consequence
just looking and seeing
is enough to undo.
Your conscience, unlike mine
knows no boundaries
constraint or time
Your only job
is to watch out for me
going ahead
seeing what I can’t see.
Sometimes you bust in
through my mind-door
and shake me and scream, “Remember BEFORE!?!?!?”
But I can’t hear you
though goose bumps all over
I just react naturally
only this time changed over.
Thanks for the whispers
that save my life
thanks for this kiss
that one dreamy night
My favorite times
in knowing of you
was when I leant you to my children
to see them through
extra forces
while walking the street
is never enough
if you ask me.
I called you back
for fear of being alone
but have a feeling
you would leave me for no one.
Since no man has told me this
yet I know you are true
then communication has unfolded
because I listen to you
I long to know your name
and meet you later
I’m sure it will be like seeing a twin
and not a stranger
because you know ALL of me
that, which is hidden from other eyes that see
there is nothing I could hide
even under the sheets
wet or dry.
Your Lord-
who stops the wind for me
the keeper of the bees
and spiders that be
Your Lord-
who has given you the power
to guide and keep safe
his most precious flower
I thank him
and you as well
if it weren’t for you both
I’d be going to hell
Do I have one or two
is there another you
no gender just graces
curly hair and angel faces
I’m so excited you’re here
and that you are ALWAYS near
since you were sent from above
I’m going to call you Dove.
Can you smell smoke?
Can you hear the music?
I am interested in knowing
If I offend
I was given to you
and with that comes the truth
That you are me
and I am you.