Bridge Over Troubled Water

Not too long ago-
I raised my voice, my face, and my arms,
and nearly screamed towards Heaven,

“What is it about me that people see, that makes me a target to them?!?!
I begged God to change about me, whatever people saw that was weakness, and so they wouldn’t dare think of me when they want to take their anger out on others.

My dearest friends have taken this flower, and frostbitten it all over, wilted it, and now it has fallen right off the stem, driven to anger that never existed before their tirancy.
What once was-
is withered , torn, and barely breathing.

And so, after begging God to change me, He did,
but not in the way my simple human mind would have thought of.

He filled me with his spirit, and with unfailing trust in him, not any other, just Him.

And so when Lucifer saw THAT he tested me, bringing my best friends and turning them into enemies, relentlessly pelted me again and again with their hurtful words and lies.

You see the devil can’t hurt you, or lay his hand on you, but he sure can use others to hurt you by making them do and say things that he whispers into their ears.

All the while, as I would have expected myself to just die in despair, the spirit filled me with the conviction that there is an army of angels standing behind me, ready to justify my words by proving my enemies wrong using conviction. They will bring them all down one by one. I will have had to do nothing.

His words are with me, ”This too shall pass.”
And also, “Be silent when wars rage against me.”

It is my best offense though I rarely chose to use it.

Forever ironic, what Lucifer has begun the Lord will always use to His glory, as that is the case today, If only in my own body.

Thank God I have God, or I would have absolutely nothing.

Just think, to trade absolutely nothing for an infinite amount of everything. When does THAT happen?
That’s what Jesus offers, and I am banking on it, daily.


“Beautfiul Heroic girl”, Lora


Tiny little cute face
Tiny little adorable frame
How perfect
No makeup
no glam or long hair
just naturally gorgeous
Kept safe
always in the right spot
at the right time
And ALL for the glory of God.
unknown to the unknown
must I say it again…shielded.

Some are just that way
counted from day one
kept innocent
kept from the dark
never to see the real ugly
I am jealous
but grateful
for it takes all kinds to run this world

Thank God for her kind-
for someone like me can appreciate her
and honestly,
I would see no hope
If there were no saints.

Secured In Advance

Would a parent who traveled the vast prairie to deliver their child from danger
abandon him once they had completed the journey?
NO!…and so….
I vow here and now to erase the doubt in my success by trusting in My Lord who without a shadow of a doubt placed me directly in a specific spot, and He will defend my position with his very own hand.

Doubt in myself will be crushed here and now because having known what I would say or do, He would have stopped me if it were not cohesive to his Divine Plan.

Weapons fashioned against me shall not prevail, and He will defend my honor with His very own name for He knew what was going to happen ahead of time, and He would never lead me into failure or shame, or across a prairie only to abandon me.

Though my plea to humans is for attention and confirmation, I should not consider those, for He alone is my judge, and my comfort. Humans do not always forgive, but He never fails too, never falters, never changes His mind…nothing ever “occurs to God”… for he is all knowing and Omni present, and so I should never have even one glimmer of doubt, sadness, regret, or confusion, for I love the rock upon which I stand, and He will never fail me in advance.

Dreaded Night


Only the Lord can change me
I cannot do it myself
I have tried so hard
And failed

In the daylight
I seem to have my senses
And I am good
And even at night
I bless my dreams
And beg protection for them

But when he tested me in my slumber
I failed so miserably
And now I fear my own self
I now doubt that I would pass in the daylight

The cleansing fire awaits me
To burn away the rust of sin on my soul
To burn away the passion
That leads to damnation
I will gladly throw myself into it
To get rid of the slumbering me

I wonder how long it will be with me
…..the memory of that moment
When I chose to do wrong
And questioned how God would deny me feelings so great.

I wonder how long I will feel like such a failure
And now I know why he wouldn’t lead me to greatness in the first place
Because I would put it before Him
And His opinion of me

But whether I have REALLY done IT or not
I have still failed for I chose to do wrong
In my slumber
When I thought no one was looking
And so I will be denied greatness
For I cannot be trusted

Oh! To not pass his test…
Oh! To fail before His eyes…
With great sorrow
I hate myself
In all it’s passion
The human
Fighting the universal facts
The pure lust of what a human is
The passion that drives every man
That is what I must face
And be able to deny myself
Or the cleansing fire it will be for me.

I cannot change myself
I have tried so hard
And have failed
He MUST do it for me
Or it just will not get done-
And that is my hope for salvation
Once again, it is not me.
Yet it is the cross
dripping in the Lamb’s blood.
It is my fault
He died that way,
Why should I wish less for myself?

Only the Good Die Young

Only the Good Die Young

The path to the light is narrow
And at the same time engulfed in an enormous sea of darkness
The path to the light is a pin whole
In a galaxy of blackened space

When one gets sick, and faces death
they turn to the light
that tiny pinhole
and beg to be accepted
and it is only then that their souls are ready.

And so he takes them to preserve them.

He must grasp the moment when the chance for redemption is possible
for to leave us here
in a galaxy of darkness
is dangerous to a soul
and one might be lost forever

The children who get cancer and die
they are being given a gift
of not having to endure
the harshness of life
of not being tempted to sin over and over
in their adult life.
God knows all
He knows the paths one will take
and if at any moment
you are ready to go
He saves you from the wickedness here.

Some people get sick in their adult lives
and then they are in remission
having been saved by the doctors.

But then the cancer come back
because it really was time to go
because you are ready.
It is a gift
Don’t fight it
Consider yourself blessed

We cry bitterly for those who have gone before us
Because our soul is left alone here
to endure.
Consider them blessed
to get into Heaven early
Consider them blessed
to have taken a detour that avoids all sin.

They have also avoided all punishment for sin
because they don’t have any left
after suffering so.

While suffering
a human almost always gives themselves to God
If only to ease the pain
and he makes their bed while they lie in it.

The exception are those who have been devout
who have lived a long life
who love only the Lord
and who pray unceasingly.
Little is the chance that they will fall or turn away.
And those souls—-
Those souls- he keeps here.
They generally live a long, long time.
That is to preserve goodness in the world.
If it weren’t for those people
We would have been destroyed a long time ago.
And so they live on
Great, and alive
The good die young, indeed
But the great live on.

There are those who’s illnesses have dragged out
and tortured them
and all others around them.
We say they have bad luck
Or they have not been blessed.

In reality, they have just not come to Lord
and if you help them to do so,
they can escape this place in haste
and enter the pin hole of eternal life.

Jesus will never let you die without you being ready
for he does not want to lose even one soul.

This is the answer to why bad things happen to good people.
It is all to bring them to God, and that is it.
There is no more.

Loving the Lord is the quickest way to Heaven,
And so, only the good die young.

Heaven Part I


How you got here seems somehow unimportant
as you gaze through the mist at the gigantic Kingdom.
Your feet are transparent and every part of your body is weightless, including your hair.
Multitudes singing can be heard
but are muffled as the sounds from inside are drowned out by the clouds at your feet.
From left to right, for miles, all you can see is enormous gates
made of gold and adorned by every jewel.
The jewels capture the rays of the Son
and emanate themselves upon you.
Naturally, as if still human, you squint your eyes at the rays
but open your mouth and drink them in.
It is eerily silent except for the far off chorus’ melodies.
The wind does not blow,
and there are no birds in the air that you can see.

All of a sudden, the gate before you starts to open from both sides.
A large being made of color with gleaming white wings pushes them open with effort,
and when it raises it’s head, the light from the being’s eyes draws you to it.
The light is warm, engulfing your soul and flooding it with love.
Out of the gates comes thunderous singing, laughter, and praise,
and cherubim and seraphim float about in the sky, their loin cloths hovering around them.
Some of them are throwing down flowers for you, others have their arms outstretched.
In the distance of the Kingdom’s sky
but more near than the iridescent dome that surrounds it,
Human-like spirits come rushing towards you, and choirs of angels gather on each side below.
Adorned saints are to your left, lined up with their various articles of faith, a cross, a book, a trumpet, a spear, swords, music notes, lambs, staffs and the like, and to the right multitudes of children laugh and play and sing, calling your name over and over.
Twelve trumpets blast. Six on your right, six on your left, and as the flying souls reach you in their haste, you recognize them as people who made you, and you are thankful.
Stepping into the Kingdom, flowers grow up around your feet, and your body is replaced by colors that intermingle to make the same shape as you have been.
Heaven bustles all around you, and beautiful flowing trees line streets paved with gold and jewels. The entire Kingdom before you is made of various kinds of light, and even the more solid objects emanate the rays and are semi-transparent.
All of a sudden, the singing escalades, and shouts and trumpet blasts are heard in unison, the children stop running, and the seraphim and cherubim turn to the light coming from a sphere in the middle of the city. “Jesus is coming!” they exclaim.
And down from the spear on top of the mountain walks Jesus, calm, peaceful, radiating in a blast of light so bright it makes the sun look like the moon. From his eyes glow every color, and a rainbow washes over you, as instantly he is before you.
You fall to the golden floor, and weep, but he picks you up and says, “There are no more tears.” And he welcomes you by entering your spirit, and giving you the answer to every question you have ever pondered.
You are shown a new home, a place that has been prepared for you, with all of your favorite fancies that you have ever dreamt of. This place is in the midst of the company you already know. A special task, designed only for you to accomplish is written on your forehead, you are renamed according to whom you have been, and you are given a white robe to wear.
Just when you feel so overwhelmed that you feel as though you might burst,
and before Jesus lets you loose in paradise,
He says, “Now come, meet my father, who created all that you see, and you yourself.
You will be able to give thanks at the throne.”

And when you get there, say to The Almighty Father, while you gesture to the Lord Jesus,
“For the sake of HIS sorrowful passion, have mercy on me, and on the whole world.”
Remember me when you get there, and pray for me as I am in danger of being damned, and of loosing God forever.
Many thanks!
May God have mercy on us all.

What IS a blessing?


Isn’t it great that you can speak directly to the Creator of the Universe
Isn’t it great that you have an open channel to the King?
For prayer does not go unanswered.

In this day and age
Prayers are precious and few
and he listens intently.

“I do for you-
You do for me”
It takes on a whole new meaning
When you are in service of the king

Amazing it is
To be in his service
happy are those who serve
for the King of the Universe hears, and grants, and blesses

What IS a blessing?
A blessing is not stumbling when you walk or talk
A blessing is being able to run
A blessing is being able to be heard
A blessing is food on the table
Food in the lunch bags
and bills that have been paid.
We have so many blessing that remain unseen
as we all have conversations outside in the day
and no bird poop falls on our heads
and no cars run off the road and kill us where we stand.

A blessing is the beautiful sky and the puffy white clouds
the wind that blows the pollen to the stems
and the flowers that bloom
A blessing keeps the sharks away as you swim
a blessing is the bed you sleep in
and being able to get up out of it.
All of these things that go unnoticed
unseen, and unrecognized
is Jesus chasing you, protecting you
and keeping you for his own.

We are the world
and the souls belong to Jesus because he earned it
He keeps us all safe, everyday
and when the blessing is death granted
we fear it.
But really, it is a blessing still for;
little do we know of what he has prepared for us
and what lies ahead in the afterlife.

Remember when people only lived thirty years
and little ones died while still looking up at their mother
and tornadoes took houses and farms alike
and entire towns died of disease?

Those we the days when sin ran ramped
And no one remembered our Lord
His blessing ceased, graces were lifted and revoked
And we died in droves.

A blessing is the technology that keeps us living 100 years
A blessing is getting to see your great grandchild be born
A blessing is a car that will get you to church in three minutes

Our Lord holds the world in his hand
And he loves us
Sad to say some people completely disregard his sacrifice and existence
but they are still blessed because of the prayers of the faithful
they are still chased down for the devout’s sake
and not left behind
because of prayer

The Lord has so many names
and multiple promises to be had
Choose and name and call it
“The Christ”
“Divine Mercy”
“Lord of Compassion”
“King of the Universe”
“Beloved Son”
“Lord of Lords”
“Jesus Christ”
Pick a name , and then call it
Say a few prayers, bank on his promises
Those who do not are missing out of the best thing in life;
Serving the King,
and receiving his grace.

Fear not, if you have not prayed, because *I* have prayed for you.
I only wish that you would help me do the same for others.
prayers do not go unanswered

When you are grieving
and desperate
when something goes drastically wrong and you are left saying
“God, if you exist, please help me!”
The Lord jumps up and down and smiles
and all of Heaven rejoyces because you have called his name.

But it’s the times when the house is dark, the sun has not yet risen, and you grumble as you make your coffee, rubbing your eyes to make them see….it is in those moments…
when you barely need him, that when you call his name and say “Good morning”, and any prayer you can offer, it is then that his heart absolutely melts, adn the trumpets of Heaven blow, as another sinner has come to Chirst.