Scourges and Nails

They tied your arms up
And ripped off your clothes
So they could clearly see the flesh they would mutilate
39 lashes
With leather straps and sharp bones
That tore into your flesh
And snapped it off in pieces
Once so light and airy
Now slumped and heavy
As if a giant boulder lay on every cut and bruise
Almost relieved to lay down on that wooden cross
Because carrying it in your condition
Was nearly impossible
Blood all over the place
Hiding the bruises
Your head lay back across the thorns
….it was all you could do to lift your head so they didn’t stab your scull anymore
Dizzy with pain
Hard to breath
Vision blurred and rested on the sky
Your arm was pulled and then a point was placed
But what came next is hard for anyone to imagine
The nail went right through your bones and crushed them
Only flesh held the nail in place
Next came the tug at your legs as they crossed them
One on top of the other
And there couldn’t have been anything more painful
As the nail drove through both
It took six whacks of the hammer to go all the way through
Too late now to turn back
You reeled in pain
And begged for mercy
And this would actually become your name
As the cross was lifted
The entire weight of your body tore at the wounds
And you hung, not for a minute
But for three hours like that
You used those very moments
Those agonizing centuries
You prayed every single moment
And offered your torture up so we wouldn’t be
I feel guilty now thanking you for that sacrifice
For nothing could be worse
I wish us all to hell instead of putting you through that
But then, that is me
And not you Sweet Jesus


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