Bridge Over Troubled Water

Not too long ago-
I raised my voice, my face, and my arms,
and nearly screamed towards Heaven,

“What is it about me that people see, that makes me a target to them?!?!
I begged God to change about me, whatever people saw that was weakness, and so they wouldn’t dare think of me when they want to take their anger out on others.

My dearest friends have taken this flower, and frostbitten it all over, wilted it, and now it has fallen right off the stem, driven to anger that never existed before their tirancy.
What once was-
is withered , torn, and barely breathing.

And so, after begging God to change me, He did,
but not in the way my simple human mind would have thought of.

He filled me with his spirit, and with unfailing trust in him, not any other, just Him.

And so when Lucifer saw THAT he tested me, bringing my best friends and turning them into enemies, relentlessly pelted me again and again with their hurtful words and lies.

You see the devil can’t hurt you, or lay his hand on you, but he sure can use others to hurt you by making them do and say things that he whispers into their ears.

All the while, as I would have expected myself to just die in despair, the spirit filled me with the conviction that there is an army of angels standing behind me, ready to justify my words by proving my enemies wrong using conviction. They will bring them all down one by one. I will have had to do nothing.

His words are with me, ”This too shall pass.”
And also, “Be silent when wars rage against me.”

It is my best offense though I rarely chose to use it.

Forever ironic, what Lucifer has begun the Lord will always use to His glory, as that is the case today, If only in my own body.

Thank God I have God, or I would have absolutely nothing.

Just think, to trade absolutely nothing for an infinite amount of everything. When does THAT happen?
That’s what Jesus offers, and I am banking on it, daily.


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