Secured In Advance

Would a parent who traveled the vast prairie to deliver their child from danger
abandon him once they had completed the journey?
NO!…and so….
I vow here and now to erase the doubt in my success by trusting in My Lord who without a shadow of a doubt placed me directly in a specific spot, and He will defend my position with his very own hand.

Doubt in myself will be crushed here and now because having known what I would say or do, He would have stopped me if it were not cohesive to his Divine Plan.

Weapons fashioned against me shall not prevail, and He will defend my honor with His very own name for He knew what was going to happen ahead of time, and He would never lead me into failure or shame, or across a prairie only to abandon me.

Though my plea to humans is for attention and confirmation, I should not consider those, for He alone is my judge, and my comfort. Humans do not always forgive, but He never fails too, never falters, never changes His mind…nothing ever “occurs to God”… for he is all knowing and Omni present, and so I should never have even one glimmer of doubt, sadness, regret, or confusion, for I love the rock upon which I stand, and He will never fail me in advance.


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