Only the Good Die Young

Only the Good Die Young

The path to the light is narrow
And at the same time engulfed in an enormous sea of darkness
The path to the light is a pin whole
In a galaxy of blackened space

When one gets sick, and faces death
they turn to the light
that tiny pinhole
and beg to be accepted
and it is only then that their souls are ready.

And so he takes them to preserve them.

He must grasp the moment when the chance for redemption is possible
for to leave us here
in a galaxy of darkness
is dangerous to a soul
and one might be lost forever

The children who get cancer and die
they are being given a gift
of not having to endure
the harshness of life
of not being tempted to sin over and over
in their adult life.
God knows all
He knows the paths one will take
and if at any moment
you are ready to go
He saves you from the wickedness here.

Some people get sick in their adult lives
and then they are in remission
having been saved by the doctors.

But then the cancer come back
because it really was time to go
because you are ready.
It is a gift
Don’t fight it
Consider yourself blessed

We cry bitterly for those who have gone before us
Because our soul is left alone here
to endure.
Consider them blessed
to get into Heaven early
Consider them blessed
to have taken a detour that avoids all sin.

They have also avoided all punishment for sin
because they don’t have any left
after suffering so.

While suffering
a human almost always gives themselves to God
If only to ease the pain
and he makes their bed while they lie in it.

The exception are those who have been devout
who have lived a long life
who love only the Lord
and who pray unceasingly.
Little is the chance that they will fall or turn away.
And those souls—-
Those souls- he keeps here.
They generally live a long, long time.
That is to preserve goodness in the world.
If it weren’t for those people
We would have been destroyed a long time ago.
And so they live on
Great, and alive
The good die young, indeed
But the great live on.

There are those who’s illnesses have dragged out
and tortured them
and all others around them.
We say they have bad luck
Or they have not been blessed.

In reality, they have just not come to Lord
and if you help them to do so,
they can escape this place in haste
and enter the pin hole of eternal life.

Jesus will never let you die without you being ready
for he does not want to lose even one soul.

This is the answer to why bad things happen to good people.
It is all to bring them to God, and that is it.
There is no more.

Loving the Lord is the quickest way to Heaven,
And so, only the good die young.


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