What IS a blessing?


Isn’t it great that you can speak directly to the Creator of the Universe
Isn’t it great that you have an open channel to the King?
For prayer does not go unanswered.

In this day and age
Prayers are precious and few
and he listens intently.

“I do for you-
You do for me”
It takes on a whole new meaning
When you are in service of the king

Amazing it is
To be in his service
happy are those who serve
for the King of the Universe hears, and grants, and blesses

What IS a blessing?
A blessing is not stumbling when you walk or talk
A blessing is being able to run
A blessing is being able to be heard
A blessing is food on the table
Food in the lunch bags
and bills that have been paid.
We have so many blessing that remain unseen
as we all have conversations outside in the day
and no bird poop falls on our heads
and no cars run off the road and kill us where we stand.

A blessing is the beautiful sky and the puffy white clouds
the wind that blows the pollen to the stems
and the flowers that bloom
A blessing keeps the sharks away as you swim
a blessing is the bed you sleep in
and being able to get up out of it.
All of these things that go unnoticed
unseen, and unrecognized
is Jesus chasing you, protecting you
and keeping you for his own.

We are the world
and the souls belong to Jesus because he earned it
He keeps us all safe, everyday
and when the blessing is death granted
we fear it.
But really, it is a blessing still for;
little do we know of what he has prepared for us
and what lies ahead in the afterlife.

Remember when people only lived thirty years
and little ones died while still looking up at their mother
and tornadoes took houses and farms alike
and entire towns died of disease?

Those we the days when sin ran ramped
And no one remembered our Lord
His blessing ceased, graces were lifted and revoked
And we died in droves.

A blessing is the technology that keeps us living 100 years
A blessing is getting to see your great grandchild be born
A blessing is a car that will get you to church in three minutes

Our Lord holds the world in his hand
And he loves us
Sad to say some people completely disregard his sacrifice and existence
but they are still blessed because of the prayers of the faithful
they are still chased down for the devout’s sake
and not left behind
because of prayer

The Lord has so many names
and multiple promises to be had
Choose and name and call it
“The Christ”
“Divine Mercy”
“Lord of Compassion”
“King of the Universe”
“Beloved Son”
“Lord of Lords”
“Jesus Christ”
Pick a name , and then call it
Say a few prayers, bank on his promises
Those who do not are missing out of the best thing in life;
Serving the King,
and receiving his grace.

Fear not, if you have not prayed, because *I* have prayed for you.
I only wish that you would help me do the same for others.
prayers do not go unanswered

When you are grieving
and desperate
when something goes drastically wrong and you are left saying
“God, if you exist, please help me!”
The Lord jumps up and down and smiles
and all of Heaven rejoyces because you have called his name.

But it’s the times when the house is dark, the sun has not yet risen, and you grumble as you make your coffee, rubbing your eyes to make them see….it is in those moments…
when you barely need him, that when you call his name and say “Good morning”, and any prayer you can offer, it is then that his heart absolutely melts, adn the trumpets of Heaven blow, as another sinner has come to Chirst.


2 thoughts on “What IS a blessing?

  1. I loved your last paragraph the best! God bless.

    • thank you so much for appreciating the writing. I actually had to read it back over to get to the bottom because I couldn’t remember what it said. Thanks for making me read it because I kinda needed to hear that myself. God bless you!

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