Stop And Smell The Roses

I can have 20 things on my plate
But I still stop and do it

Even though
It might be bad for me,
I still stop, and do it.

It might be fruitless
and a waste of time,
but still I stop and do it.

It didn’t always used to be this way, in fact,
This is a new thing.

These days, I just stop right in the middle of a five minute project, and I do it.
I stop in the middle of hour long projects, and do it a few times.

I have learned that you can spend a lot of time putting off something,
Or you can just stop, and do it.

You say, I’ll do that next, but why not now?

Since I have been stopping, right in the middle of whatever
and just doing it,
I have been a lot happier.
and more peaceful
and more relaxed
and happier to resume whatever I was doing.

Stop, and just smell the roses,
-whatever your rose may be.
Put off just one moment in time,
to enjoy time.

You won’t feel so anxious
or rushed
or distracted,
and you will be happier.


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