Jesus, I Trust in You!

Jesus, I Trust in You!

I have closed the door for you
please, do not bang on it.
I have opened another for you
and so you should walk through it.

I, you cannot fathom
don’t even try
though my body is not with you
my spirit resides

I am capable of splitting
Into 8 trillion pieces
…….One for each of you

I am the dawn of the day
the breaking anew

If you feel as though I have left you
think of where I went, and who I might be helping now.
Know that I left a piece of me with you
just as I have vowed

And though you cannot see
the angels set there by me
no harm will come your way
the final price
you will not pay.

I will seek out every seed
from the twelve tribes
….I will gather my father’s pride.

Precious do I regard thee
and at the table by my side
so you shall be found
for an eternity.

Great things I have prepared
…….For those who love me.

There are some who don’t
and that’s where I can be found
from the dusks of the evenings
and at the gates of hell.

I will gather the flock
each and every one
under the blanket of stars
lit up by the son

No one here
will be left behind
my power and grace
is easy to find

Just as you cannot fathom me
….you cannot fathom my love for you.

Pain of the land
sear from the desert
waves that destroy
and fire that burns.

Through it all, I’ll be there
for you are mine
and for these I care.

I have left many promises for you
choose one, and see what I can do.

Believe in me.
I’ll set you free.
And in the dawn, I will greet you.


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