Twelve Desecrations

I peer around in the world
watching, waiting for something I recognize.
A tear that might slide down a face,
a lowered head
grasping at his temples
a look of sheer pain
as they realize what you have done

First off
You were so scared.
All knowing-
you were terrified at what was to come.
Terrified so badly
your sweat was that of blood
preparing to be shed.
Oh innocent lamb!
The fright you must have felt!

Secondly, they stripped your clothes off
And tied you to a pillar
they whiped you senselessly
and when that didn’t satisfy them
they took a scourge and ripped your flesh off in pieces.

We simple humans cry over a paper cut
But look at you! Every inch of your flesh is a wound.

As if that was not enough, they shoved a crown of thorns deep into your temples
Those thorns stayed, and drove further into your skull
especially when the cross tripped you down
and you smashed your knees on the rocky road
It was then that the heavy wooden cross shoved those thorns even deeper.

Fourthly, they wiped you again, all the way to Calvary.
I often ask God why
And He has said because you were dying on the way
it made your time on the cross shorter.
Must He walk while He was dying?

Not once did you save yourself from that
You thought of him, and her, and me
Aad it made you carry on in your misery
all the while you remembered us, and carried on

Exhausted beyond what we can fathom
With every inch of your skin burning
and your head pounding and searing with pain
your knees smashed up
And with a mighty thirst,
you lay yourself down on that cross, ready to die

That was good enough for your enemies.
They stretched your arms even further than they could go
and dislocated them from the sockets
pinning them in place with nine inch nails
right through your flesh

Your Holy Word never mentions you screaming in agony
But I cannot imagine that you didn’t
Maybe the screams of your mother who watched were louder
I am not sure
But when I put myself briefly into that place
My little mind cannot fathom the pain
I have never felt pain like that
Even in childbirth

You were so frail and pinned down
But even that wasn’t good enough for your enemies.
They turned the giant cross over with you under it, and again
It smashed the thorns even deeper into your skull
and your flesh ripped with the weight of your body
Oh Christ! What have you done!

I peer around in the world
Watching, waiting for something I recognize
A tear that might slide down a face
A lowered head
Grasping at his temples
A look of sheer pain
As they realize what you have done
And 2013 years later
I can find none that remember

YOU should be exalted as our King
Adorned everyday
Thanked and cried over
Worshipped and mourned for your sacrifice
But instead-
We dance around naked, laughing, snorting, partying it up
Not even speaking your name
Forgetting what you did for us

Well, Dear Jesus
I have not forgotten
ad in my mind
I kiss your wounds one at a time

Through my tears, I pray for those who don’t
For some, remembering you is a way of life
and for some
They won’t know what life is
until it is taken away

It is those that I beg for mercy for
on this day.


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