Ava Maria

Mother Mary Oil Painting 64X48"

Mother Mary Oil Painting 64X48″

For the sins of the flesh
you were drawn to me
for the characteristics that made me who I was
you could not let me be

taking my heart out of my body
and peering into it intensely
without the flesh
you loved me immensely

a plan you devised
to set me free
and cleans me with love
so thine eyes could turn to me

you could have left me there
and not worked so hard
you could have let me burn
until a blackened and ashen chard

but that heart still beating
reverberated love
for the all of Heaven
for all those above

and so you beckoned with your gentle hands
your scapular absorbing my tears
you gave me my heart back
you forgave all the years

You chose a great soldier
and with your help I will persevere
and finish what you started
for myself and the departed

How can I thank you
for preparing me for His gaze
How can I possibly thank you
for the gift you gave?

I feel honored
that I wasn’t left behind
I owe you my heart,
and all of my mind

This flesh I now cover
these hands I now raise
and with all my gratitude
I give thee great praise

For Ringer I pray
That he will give you care
That he will love thee like I do
And see you worthy of prayer

Mother of God
On our world you stand
An advocate for us
Relentless helping hand

And Heaven rejoices in you
Crowns you Queen of The Universe
For if one sees that not
they are surely cursed

You are my advocate
and I now belong to you
I owe you my heart back
The day I am through

Ava Maria!


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