All the men in this town are afraid of him,
but as I sit on my rooftop, I make the most devious plans.

“Forgive me Lord for my calculated thoughts
And please come with me, for I go now.”

And down the hill I went
adorned like the most sought after vixen,
with eyes like Cleopatra, that mesmerized your limbs.

A chorus sings in my ears as I enter your tent
and you feel so small,
tears in are your eyes
as I tell you my story-captivating you.
You are now on my side.

I am captive among you
but so free like a bridge over the river
I have laid me down for you to see inside

You peer and sustain
all of your natural feelings, for the sake of my virtue.
Peace overcomes you
and you let me loose
to walk among you.

Don’t be down,
Don’t be out.
I am right here
and as you sleep,
I will end your bitterness.

“Lord forgive me-
take my part at this moment
for darkness has come
and doubt is all around.
I’d rather be the nail than the hammer.

Until the sun shines and I march up the hill,
his head in my sack.
I have overcome.
….slowly I disintegrate, shed the make-up and the earrings
and lay myself up back on that roof top
waiting for you again
wrinkles from this life
finally visible in the morning sun.


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