I Go Before you, Always.

How can I get you to love me?
I am so beautiful
one Lord of all
one music to your ears
one sight to your tired eyes
one sacrafice for you.
You are my body,
my limbs
and shivers go up my spine
as you are away from me.

I have written you so many outstanding melodies
to lift your heart
and show you the real me
so many times I have called you
so many tears I shed for you.
You will not be injured under my care
please say you love me too.

Open to me the door which is closed
accept my gifts, as I console you
as I understand you
drink in the love I have for you.

You will be somewhere where I can rest
in the shadows of a moments time
I will rest in you for an eternity.
I long to experience what you do
but you don’t want me near you.
…Oh! How a father yearns for his son.

My mother stands and waits for you
and with eagernes you will meet me.
She’s standing right in front of you
show her a bit of kindness for her purity alone.

Show that you know
what it must have felt like to hold my body in her arms.
Could your mother so the same
and then forgive your murderer?

I have the answer right here in my pouch
I have all the answeres
to the moon,
the stars,
the universe,
I will make it your someday.
You can count on me.


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