All in Three Days Time

Do you know what Jesus did after he was crucified? There were three days of our time lost to us, but He was on a serious mission. He rose up out of that grave, his spirit flew right up to Heaven. There was a gigantic party going on there, all of Heaven was rejoicing and singing, but Jesus said to them, “I can not stay, I have things to do.” So he went to his father, and asked for the key to hell. The almighty God gladly gave it to Him, for he couldn’t take any more of the wailing and screaming in his ears. Jesus then chose twelve of the biggest brightest angels, and rushed back down to the Earth, and then continued beyound the crust, deep into the core of The Earth. For a moment he gazed at the gigantic gates, and then pushed his key into the lock. The angels rushed in, and one by one they brought to Him the souls who had no hope after death, and had no redeemer, no salvation.

Jesus looked deep into the hearts and pasts of each and every one of them, and there were millions, great and small. One by one, he let them out to the other side of the gate, and asked them to wait. There were very few souls left in hell when he was done. On the free side of the gate stood a multitude of souls, rejoicing, singing, and dancing about The Mercy of the Lord. They cried out, “Mercy has saved us! Mercy has saved us!” and from then on, his name became just that, Mercy.

When he was done collecting his father’s lost souls, in a great procession they danced up a glorious staircase, accompanied by angels, seraphim, and cherubim. All were joyful when they entered the gates of Heaven, and one by one, Michael the Arc Angel wrote their names in the book of life.

Who knows how long this act of Jesus actually took, for a day here on Earth is a thousand days in Heaven. There was still a celebration going on there when he returned from Hell with the fallen ones, but again, he did not stay, saying, “I have more work to do.” He once again left Heaven, and returned to Earth, and as a risen Lord, he appeared to over four hundred people, to prove him self, and to set about his Holy Spirit on Earth.

Only occasionally does he sit at the right hand of The Father, for most of the time, he is right here among us, working for us, moving things to our benefit, and protecting us from certain death, for he has seen Hell with his eyes, and never wants any of us to end up there.

2013 years ago on this very day, this is what was happening to our people, your very own relatives.


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