Welcome Home

If I stand in front of you
you might just drop dead!

If it was my heart you knew
you might want nothing else!

If you really could see me
you would split into two
and drop on your shattering knees
and kiss the ground’s dew.

Only spirit can see me
for their hearts can’t stop.
I left you a mystery
and with it, a clock.

The choice is yours.
you are totally free
to be in my company
or forever without me.

I really want to know
that you are true
so I stand in the background
and unendingly test you.

The more you pass
the better you’ll be
on that awesome day
when you finally meet me.

I have prepared you a place
so close to mine
but the lesson in life
is it’s hard to find

You have to have earned it
or there, you might abuse it.
I can’t take that chance
I’m forever against it.

But I’m workin’ on you
though your impossibly stained
I won’t leave you now
or ever that remains

I planned you out
and know your goin’ my way
so I patiently wait
with unending grace

Oh how you pain me!-
for you are not alone.
Please say that you trust me
and then come on home.

I long to have you back
from where you left
and I won’t be complete
until I have the rest.

I’ll never throw you out
or forget you are mine
I’ll never leave you in misery
until the end of time.

With me you are safe
and the rest is unseen
really you should thank me
for blessings unseen.

I DO hold you
in the palm of my hand
every single action
and all of your clan

I planned you out
you are mine-your coming back
I will unendingly fight for you
even the devil I attack

The one thing
I would like you to hear
if I could shout from the mountain
or whisper in your ear

is that it is enough
for me to love you
dont you worry
there is nothing you can do

To erase my devotion
nor become unforgivable
there is a feast waiting
at your name table

Simply life on earth
was your trial to bare
your desperate resolutions
will get your there

It is enough
that you came here that day
when I said, “Raise your hand
If your willing to pay!”

For my sacrifice so great
that you knew needed honored
I saw your hand
way off in the corner

That alone
will get you through
and I promised from the beggining
I would be with you

What I am
you once fathomed
and that crease on your upperlip
keep the secerets raveled

I have laid that part
of you to rest
to give me glory
from the ultimate test

I will welcome you back
you should not fear,
rest as you will
my hands are here

Dismay not
for I will not let you go
through the sear of the desert
or the thickest snow

I will step up
and change the world
just to protect you
each moment unfurled


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