Dear God


I asked a million times for your presence
and you never let me feel you
and then one day
I did, I could, it happened.

Now things will never be the same
I am constantly searching for that feeling again
when you were present

Loneliness is the worst feeling in the world
I wish I had been more careful of what I had asked for

The world into which I was cast
keeps breaking me
it seems a constant fight

No one loves you good enough around here
and the people that I find that do
don’t want me

Evil at hand
all I have is you
I know you are with me
and now I know why you do not show yourself

Only for that one hour in time
was my broken heart lifted
encompassed and kissed

and now I sit here alone again
waiting to forget what I know.

The lions den is full
-mouths watering
I close my eyes so I can not see theirs.

Even the other part of me
wants to take a bite
and drools slathers
as you stand by, careful watchman

Light in the darkness
shield and sword
what would I be without you?
-wait! I know! For I have already been there

I would be darkness itself
right hand to the slavemaster
forever craving your presence
like I feel now.

Good thing this is only temporary.


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